North of Now is a creative production & digital consultant agency based out of Vancouver, BC and for the past three years has filmed ads all across North America.


Creative Production  

Producing broadcast ads for brands such as Coca-Cola and Band-Aid among many others we specialize in creating both traditional and non-traditional advertising, working with numerous firms in a variety of fields to bring their message to the public both online and on television.  


Specializing in both live action, VFX and animated projects, we pride ourselves on cultivating strong, lasting partnerships with every brand we have the pleasure of working with as well as the talented actors, animators and production staff who are key in bringing our projects to life.


Digital Consultancy

With expertise in crafting and developing properties for social media platforms such as Vine, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook we partner with budding digital properties providing them with the knowledge and strategies needed to gain a foothold and develop a lasting presence on the social media landscape.